CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is that element of a home PC or a server that runs the calculations. Every single CPU functions at a particular speed and the bigger it is, the swifter everything will be processed, so in case you host resource-demanding web programs on a hosting server, for instance, a fast processor will enable them to be carried out quicker, which will significantly contribute to the whole user experience. The more recent generations of CPUs have 2 and more cores, each running at a particular speed to guarantee a superior and quicker performance. This sort of architecture makes it possible for the processor to manage various processes at one time or a number of cores to handle a single process if it needs more computing power to be carried out. Obviously, additional factors including the amount of RAM or the connection that a specific server uses can also affect the performance of the Internet sites hosted on it.

CPU Share in Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated server packages that we offer come with a number of hardware configurations, so that you can choose the most suitable one for your sites or programs. The processor for every single plan is different too - the most powerful package features a 12-core processor that will offer you excellent script execution rates, even if your scripts are extremely heavy and a lot of people access and use them simultaneously. The CPU is thoroughly tested as well as all the other elements we use to create every single new dedicated server, in order to make sure that the machine shall work flawlessly all the time. We'll do this before we give you access to it, as we will never make a compromise with the quality of any of the hardware components that we use. The speeds that you see on our site are guaranteed for each of the packages.