Memcached is a distributed memory object caching platform, which has been gaining popularity in recent years because of its efficiency. It’s used to cache calls and replies between a database and the app that’s using it, which can enhance the overall performance of your website and decrease the produced server load greatly. Every time a page on an application-driven Internet site is opened, the app connects to the database and "asks" what info should be displayed, and then drags it. With Memcached, these procedures are omitted, as the platform has already cached all of the content that should appear on a specific page. If any data is modified, the Memcached content is updated as well, so the site visitors will never end up seeing outdated content. The platform is an ideal solution for any website that entices many viewers, since it will make it super-fast and will improve the user experience.

Memcached in Shared Hosting

You can use Memcached with all Linux shared hosting offered by us. It’s available as an upgrade, which you can get with only a few clicks of the mouse from your Hepsia website hosting Control Panel. It needs a PHP extension, which is pre-installed on our cloud platform, so you can begin using the Memcached caching system the moment you add it. The upgrade is separated into two parts, which will give you more flexibility depending on the sites that you wish to use it for. The first part determines the number of the sites that will use Memcached, or the so-called ‘instances’, whereas the second one refers to the memory, i.e. to how much content the system will be able to cache. You can get more memory in increments of 16 MB and the more memory you’ve added, the more data will be cached, which may be an exceptionally good idea for busy websites with large-sized databases and many users. In this way, you can enhance the overall performance of every script-powered website hosted on our cloud servers without any effort.